Parent VolunteersThe band is regularly in need of adult volunteers to help with transporting equipment, helping students get prepared before a performance, competition or football game.  We appreciate all of our volunteers and look forward to working with you.  To see our current volunteer needs and to sign up to help click the Sign Up Now button.  If you have questions please contact a member of the Executive Board at [email protected].

Volunteer Guidelines:
Adult/parents are needed in many capacities to make the music department function successfully. They are asked to function as chaperones, bus monitors, equipment loaders, truck drivers, members and officers of the parent support group for each organization, etc. In each function, adults are acting as an extension of the music director in an effort to make the music program more successful, and should expect to function under her direction. Although parents/adults will be given specific direction by the music director for each activity, the following general guidelines will apply:

  • All school rules apply. When supervising students, behavior expectations, and consequences are exactly what they would be if the student were on the Desert Ridge campus.
  • Situations that call for discipline should be handled as deemed best for the moment, and the adult should immediately report the incident to the director. At that point, ultimate decisions/discipline become the responsibility of the director, not the adult chaperon.
  • In NO case should physical discipline be used.
  • Students are not to switch buses for the ride home or while en route.
  • Upon arrival at destination, students should not depart the bus until given instructions from a staff member or drum major.
  • Except for disciplinary reasons, students are allowed to sit where they like on the bus. Use discretion when dealing with couples becoming overly familiar.
  • Only the director may release a student to his/her parents to return home.
  • Take immediate measures always to ensure the safety of students.

You can volunteer for a specific band event on the new interactive band calendar. Simply find the event on the calendar and click the volunteer button shown below.   Click here to view the calendar.