Student Leadership

The Desert Ridge High School Bands provide many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.  The following is a list and brief descriptions of the primary leadership positions with in the bands.

Drum Major

Those interested in auditioning for drum major for marching band should fill out a drum major application form. This can be obtained from the director.

Auditions will consist of conducting, calling commands, marching, demonstration of a salute and possible interview. Auditions are done in a group. Each candidate calls the others through a series of commands, and then conducts pre-designated song(s). Two to five adults will judge the drum major candidates. Input is taken from all, with the final decision being made by the director(s).

Optional clinics will be provided prior to the audition to teach potential candidates the necessary skills for drum major.

Section Leaders

Those interested in becoming a section leader for marching band should fill out a student leadership application. This can be obtained from the director.

Qualifications include having at least 1 year of experience in marching band, a good attitude and a willingness to work hard. Student section leaders are not necessarily the “best” marchers or players. They are students who will dedicate themselves to making the band program better.

The director(s) will make selections for section leaders.

Band Council

Those interested in becoming a member of band council should fill out a student leadership application. This can be obtained from the director.

The Desert Ridge High School Band Council is elected from the members of the band program each year. The officers and representatives of the band council function primarily as liaisons between the director(s) and the band members. Suggestions, questions and concerns regarding the band program can be referred to any council member for consideration. Band council members will be comprised of a panel of students who will perform the following duties:

  • Provide positive leadership for the band.
  • Organize and run weekly council meetings.
  • Make announcements about various events to the band.
  • Be in charge of band publicity (i.e. homeroom announcements, newspaper, posters, etc.)
  • Be liaisons between the band and yearbook staff
  • Maintain calendar and bulletin boards
  • Have basic typing/computer skills and take notes at all council meetings
  • Willing to assist the director with band duties
  • Keep a photographic record of activities and events of the band program
  • Boosting the morale of the band in an appropriate manner
  • In charge of keeping track of birthdays and acknowledging them
  • Making various signs for motivational purposes
  • Plan all social events of the band

The Drum Major(s) will be considered part of the band council as well.