How To: Access Charms


How to access parent/student information in Charms

  • Log on to, and click “ENTER / LOG IN” in the upper right corner.
  • Locate the “PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN” section of the web page.


  • Login to your student’s program account using the following School Code: DRHSband (not case sensitive)


  • This will bring up the main “Public” page. This will allow you to look at the “public” calendar for your organization, event list, and handouts and other “publicly shared” files, as well as a few other options.

  • The first time you go here, enter your child’s ID NUMBER (provided by your Director) into the Student Area Password You will be directed to the Change Password screen, to set a personal password different from the ID, for future use. You may also be directed to create both a unique Username and Password for the student. There are also mechanisms to recover/reset a lost Username/Password – when you create your new password, create a “hint” as well.


Logging In

For first time visitors, put in your student’s ID, click ‘Enter’.

If you have visited before, use the password that you (or your student) has chosen.


If you have not visited before, you’ll be asked to change to a new password. This will be the word you will use to access your students Charms account.

If you do not remember, ask your student. If they do not remember, send a message to [email protected] to reset



You’ll then be in your students account page



How To: Update Student and Parent Information

Student Info

  • You may help make changes to your and your child’s student information page (such as updating phone numbers / cell carriers and email addresses if they change) to help them communicate with you more effectively. You may also be able to indicate which parent volunteer/resource groups you would like to participate in, if this feature is activated. Click Update Info to save changes.

To view and update your student’s info, click on the button



From here, you can add phone numbers and email addresses.


Add Parent Information

To add yourself, click on


Or if you are already there, just click on your name.


NOTE: To receive email announcements, you will need to at least add your email if it is not already there.




How To: View Student’s Band Account Balance

Student Balances

To view your students account balance, click on 



At the top will show the current state of the account.


indicates there is a balance due on the account if the value is not 0.


 indicates that the account is paid up and has a credit.


At the bottom, you can see all the current deposits made on the account.


How To: Volunteer Through Charms To Help At Band Events


  • Log in to Charms
  • The Calendar lists events, rehearsals, and volunteer/RSVP opportunities.  To view the calendar, click on
  •  .


  • You can sign up for volunteer opportunities through one of the following –
    • Sign-up through the calendar for events that have the hand icon –
    • Click on the Hand icon
    •  .
    • From the main screen, click on Volunteer
    •  .
    • Click-on ‘Volunteers’ tab from the menu bar.
  • Find a need you can volunteer for.
  • Enter your name, phone number and email and click Sign Up!

How To: Pay Band Fees via Charms

 Pay Band Fees via Charms

  1. Log into your Charms account and click on the ‘Finances’ link


  1. Select the fee you wish to pay (1) then click on the ‘Pay Fixed Payments’ button (2)


  1. You will be taken to a page to start a payment. This is the last page you are in Charms

  1. You are now taken to PayPal’s website. Don’t worry if you do not have a PayPal account, you can just click on ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’

  1. This is the final page. The amount you will be charged will be at the top. Fill out the data and click on the submit button at the bottom.

How To: Tax Credit Submission By Parents

Tax Credit Submission by Parents


  1. Log into your student’s Infinite Campus account
  2. Click on ‘Make a Payment InTouch’

At the bottom left of your child’s Infinite Campus page, there is a set of links. Click on ‘Make a Payment InTouch’

This will bring up another window that looks like…

  1. Click on your student’s name

This will bring up, yet another page, with these buttons…

  1. Click on ‘Items At Student’s School’

This will bring up a page with this info…


  1. Click on ‘CLUB (Tax Credit)’
  2. Click on ‘TAX CREDIT/Band’


  1. Enter the amount you wish to contribute, click ‘Buy’

At this point you need to scroll to the top of the page to ‘checkout’. At the top of the page, you should see

  1. Click on ‘Checkout’

You’ll be presented with the Checkout page…

  1. Click on ‘Checkout Step 1: Additional Info’

The next page will look like…

  1. Enter in your info, then click ‘Checkout Step 2: Payment’

You’ll be presented with the credit card payment info page

  1. Fill in the fields and click ‘Pay Now’

How To: Tax Credit Submission by Friends/Family

Tax Credit Submission by Friends/Family


  1. Go to the link

You’ll be presented with the following page…

  1. Fill in ALL fields, especially ‘School’, ‘Item’, ‘Student Name’ then click ‘+Add’

It is incredibly important that this information is filled out correctly, otherwise the student will not be credited correctly

  • ‘School’ needs to be Desert Ridge High School
  • ‘Item’ needs to be Band
  • ‘Student Name/Other Description’ needs to have the students name and Student ID if you know it


  1. Click ‘Pay’

You’ll be presented with the page to enter your credit card info

  1. Fill in your payment information, then click ‘Submit Payment’